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Oren Weinberg

Whether you are getting married or separating, mediation is an excellent and cost effective tool that can be used to resolve difficult issues. If you are prepared to share information and explore options then the mediation process can yield results that could be as good or better suited to your family than what a judge or arbitrator may choose for you.

Mediation is a voluntary process that you can tailor to fit your family’s needs. As a mediator, I can act as an impartial person to help you create a confidential process that will help you direct the outcome of a difficult conversation or dispute. I can help you understand the legal issues, generate options and creative solutions.

Mediation is a safe process to help negotiate a marriage or cohabitation agreement and generate ideas and solutions that meet both parties’ expectations. We are working with an increasing number of people who reside in more than one jurisdiction for business or other reasons. These people require unique marriage contracts and separation agreements that address multi-jurisdictional concerns. As a mediator, I can help you gather information and develop solutions to meet your goals.

Mediation can be an excellent way to avoid or reduce the financial cost of litigation for separating families. Some family law disputes require judicial intervention. Yet, the adversarial process has its limitations. Aside from being expensive, litigants give up control of the decision making outcome to a judge. Judges are restricted by rules of evidence and legal tests. Mediation provides a valuable alternative process in which the law provides the context and frames the discussion, but is not necessarily determinative. The participants have the flexibility to discuss the issues, their goals, and to generate options that may suit their needs differently than what a judge may decide, and which may better suit their family.

For global families, separation creates complex problems that require bespoke solutions that cannot easily be achieved in a court setting. The circumstances of families that exist in multi-jurisdictions are more fluid and involve regular travel and moves. In mediation, these families can develop options that work for them, such as creating multi-jurisdiction parenting plans, dealing child and parent relocation, overseas travel, and the complexities of complicated financial issues such as enforcement of international support obligations, and international property and support issues.