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Toronto Family Lawyers Providing Advice and Planning for a Second Marriage

People entering into a second (or third, or fourth) marriage often do so with a much more practical attitude than those getting married for the first time. By the time you are marrying again, people generally have more life experience and understand the importance of advance planning for potential life changes in the future. When marrying for a second time, there are a number of potential legal complications to consider and plan for in order to set clear expectations and reduce the potential for future disputes.

The family lawyers at Boulby Weinberg LLP have been advising clients planning to marry for a second time, and those who may be ending a second marriage, for many years. We understand the specific issues that can arise when someone has more than one marriage and we will review all potential implications and assist them with planning for a second marriage.

Family Law Considerations When Entering into a Second Marriage or Cohabitating with a New Partner

When marrying for the second time, there are a number of issues to keep in mind, including:

  1. How a second marriage may affect obligations around, or entitlements to, spousal support from a previous spouse or partner. If you are the recipient of support, your entitlements may come to an end if you move in with or marry a new partner.
  2. Obtaining a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement. If you are remarrying, this is an excellent time to consider entering into a comprehensive marriage contract. When there are children from a previous marriage, it can become more important to clearly set out the terms relating to how your property will be divided if you end your relationship, in order to preserve those assets for your children.
  3. Considering cohabitation vs. marriage, some people choose simply to live together rather than marry for a second time in order to better preserve their existing property rights. Since the concept of a ‘matrimonial home’ does not apply unless a couple is married, cohabitation can be a good way to ensure your real property rights will not change.

For Knowledgeable Advice About the Legal Implications of Second Marriages, Contact Boulby Weinberg LLP

Before entering into a second marriage or a cohabitation relationship, it is important to take a look at how the new arrangement will affect you from a legal perspective. The lawyers at Boulby Weinberg LLP will review your financial situation and any related issues in order to provide you with advice on how to protect your assets in your new relationship.

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