Bar Admission

Ontario, 2019


  • H.B.A., University of Western Ontario, 2014
  • MSc/CEMS, Western University, 2015
  • J.D., University of Ottawa

Professional Associations

  • Toronto Lawyers Association

ANGELA HUANG, Toronto Family & Divorce Lawyer

Angela is an engaged and passionate family law lawyer. She uses her growing knowledge, strong advocacy skills, and genuine approach to achieve desired client outcomes.

Angela graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2014 from the H.B.A. program. During the last year of her undergraduate program, she concurrently pursued her MSc and CEMS in International Management from Western and graduated in 2015. She also went on two exchanges while completing her Master’s Degree: the National University of Singapore and HEC Paris. Her passion for law led her to Ottawa where she received her J.D. at the University of Ottawa. Angela articled at the Ministry of the Attorney General with the Court Services Division prior to joining Boulby Weinberg LLP. She was called to the Ontario bar in 2019.

Angela is fluent in Mandarin and has working capacity in French. In her spare time, Angela enjoys visiting local art galleries and museums, reading novels, watching movies, and learning new languages. She is working to become fluent in Japanese, Korean, and Italian.

Angela 是一位敬業且充滿熱情的家庭法律師。她不斷努力學習來增長自己的知識、更吸收實際經驗,竭誠為客戶爭取最大的利益,保障客戶權益,竭盡全力實現客戶期待的結果。

Angela 於 2014 年畢業於西安大略大學,期間進入商學院的特別 Ivey program 獲得 H.B.A. 学位 , 在本科的最後一年,她同時攻讀了國際管理的碩士和 CEMS,僅利用一年時間,提早完成碩士學位,同時還進行了兩次交换生项目:新加坡國立大學和巴黎HEC商学院,順利於2015 年取得碩士學位。

她衷愛法律,也希望能幫助更多需要的人,在完成碩士之後,就進入渥太華大學法律系就讀,在三年後成功獲得了法學學位,並在司法部的法院服務部任職十個月見習律師,她於 2019 年獲得全省律師資格。Angela在2019 年7月加入 Boulby Weinberg LLP 至今,是位盡責熱情工作又願意幫助人的負責律師。 Angela 能說寫流利的中文及法文,在業餘時間,Angela 喜歡參觀當地的美術館和博物館,閱讀小說、繪畫、游泳、看電影和學習新語言,她正在努力學習日語、韓語和意大利語。


661 Yonge St Suite 500
Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z9

T: 647-494-0113
F: 647-347-2156