The goal for most people going through a separation or divorce is to resolve the matter quickly and effectively. While this most often means working out the terms of the separation between the parties without the need for contested litigation, family law matters are commonly driven by emotion. Many couples find it difficult to work out the terms of their separation agreement without the help of a neutral third party. However, with the right lawyer, it is possible to settle some cases without the need to engage in a formal dispute resolution process such as arbitration or a court trial.

At Boulby Weinberg LLP, we will always aim to find an amicable settlement of your case whenever possible while protecting your rights and minimizing your obligations. Our family law lawyers will advocate for your interests in all negotiation discussions while ensuring you remain fully apprised on your rights and obligations under the law.

Benefits of Resolving Family Matters Through Negotiation

Negotiation is often the first step in a separation or divorce. At Boulby Weinberg LLP, we always strive to manage our clients’ matters in the most efficient way possible, in order to save our clients unnecessary stress and cost. While sometimes litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods can be necessary, negotiation is an excellent first step for parties who are able to enter into constructive discussions directly, or through their legal representatives. The benefits of negotiation include:

  • Cost & Efficiency: Negotiation is often the quickest and most cost-effective way to set the terms of a divorce or separation. The parties can schedule discussions at their convenience, without the formalities and numerous steps required in litigation. Direct communication with the benefit of skilled legal representation will often be the fastest way to resolve any family dispute.
  • Maintaining an Amicable Relationship: Sometimes even though a couple is able to communicate and is trying to maintain the ability to communicate effectively, it might be difficult to reach a consensus with respect to every issue raised by a separation or divorce. Lawyer-assisted negotiations can be very helpful in that they allow the lawyers to have the difficult discussions, inform clients with respect to their rights and obligations under the law, and guide clients towards the most appropriate resolution. This can be particularly important for parties who share children, a business, or plan to maintain joint social connections in the future.
  • Retaining Control Over Decisions: Unlike arbitration or litigation, negotiation and mediation allow the parties to have final say over the terms of their divorce while benefitting from the legal expertise and discussion facilitation skills of experienced lawyers.

Why an Experienced Lawyer Should Draft Your Family Law Agreement

Many couples wishing to enter into a cohabitation, marriage or separation agreement will look to online templates, allowing them to create their own agreement without involving a lawyer. While this may seem like a good option to save money, it can end up costing parties dearly later on, if the agreement does not properly take their circumstances into account. We understand the desire to save time and money, especially at a time when finances are strained due to a breakdown of the relationship. However, we strongly advise couples to have a skilled family law lawyer draft their domestic agreements in order to ensure their rights are properly protected and nothing is left to chance that could result in an unpleasant surprise in the future.

This is especially true if there are any concerns regarding an imbalance in the power between the parties, or if there are concerns that one party has not been forthcoming regarding their financial position. A skilled lawyer will help to ensure complete financial disclosure of all debts and assets before an agreement is signed.

For Experienced Representation in Family Negotiations & Agreement Drafting, Contact Boulby Weinberg LLP

The family law lawyers at Boulby Weinberg LLP facilitate family law negotiations with an eye to resolving all outstanding issues quickly, effectively and amicably. We are known for our strategic approach and our ability to tackle the most complex financial structures, and well as our broad understanding of local and inter-jurisdictional family issues. We assist clients with the negotiation of the terms of both relatively simple and highly complex separation agreements and will draft an agreement customized to their individual needs.

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