Boulby Weinberg


Our goal is to help you find an amicable settlement of your case if that is possible. To that end, we will provide you with guidance about your rights and responsibilities. We will advocate for you in negotiations directly and through counsel. We draft separation agreements, parenting plans, marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements.

Oren Weinberg Mediation

Oren Weinberg offers a wide variety of mediation services.

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Private Mediation-Arbitration

When needed, we will engage third party mediators to facilitate a negotiated settlement. Mediation may be with or without counsel. We have extensive experience advocating for clients in the mediation process. Any mediated settlement requires that the parties obtain independent legal advice which we provide.

Where appropriate we engage private arbitrators to adjudicate disputes. Arbitration is much like public court proceedings but provides more flexibility and confidentiality. We are experienced advocates in the private arbitration setting.

Court Proceedings

We have extensive courtroom experience at all trial and appellate court levels in Ontario. We will devise a litigation strategy to best advocate your position and to guide you to achieving your objectives.