Preliminary Questions 

A pre-mediation telephone conference will be arranged with counsel or the self-represented parties to discuss any questions about the mediation agreement, and to schedule the mediation itself.

Conducting Mediations Online

It may be impossible to gather all of the participants to a mediation in one place, for a number of reasons. It is becoming increasingly more common to conduct mediations in an online environment through the use of sophisticated video conference technology, such as Zoom. Geographical distance or restrictions on in-person meetings should never be a barrier to resolving a legal dispute. It is entirely possible to conduct a full and fair mediation online if necessary.

Intake meeting 

Whether the parties are self-represented or have counsel, each will need to meet with me separately for an initial intake meeting. This meeting is an opportunity for the parties to address any concerns about the process, the logistical issues involved and to consider the best approach for resolving their dispute.


For parties with counsel, a pre-mediation telephone call is very helpful in tailoring the process to achieve the best possible resolution and to enable counsel to work with their clients to prepare for mediation.


If the mediation results in a settlement, I will prepare a memo of understanding that reflects my understanding the agreement reached that you can review with your lawyer before signing. If an agreement is not reached, you will have an opportunity to explore the obstacles to resolution and plan how to resume the negotiation in a follow-up mediation or by entering into arbitration or litigation.

For More Information About the Mediation Process or to Arrange a Meeting or Consultation, Contact Family Mediator Oren Weinberg

Please contact Victoria Frias to schedule a mediation appointment with Oren Weinberg Mediator Services. Contact Victoria by phone at 647-494-0113 ext. 104 or by email. An email will be sent to counsel or the self-represented parties with my mediation agreement as well as an intake form.